Original & Inspiring

Sam, Dan and Sheila An irreverent tour guide in a temple of democracy. A crystal-ball scientist. A fighter pilot who learned to fly when she was 7 years old. Each with shadows tracing their days. Three profiles of perseverance and purpose. The Guiding Light Witty, wise, selfless and grateful: American democracy’s narrator, Sam Anthony, has … More Original & Inspiring

Classroom Heroes

(Jean-Marc Giboux/AP Images for Carolina Alumni Review) Students First Two award-winning public-school teachers and a college professor re-imagine education’s reach. Read their feature profiles, above and below. Don’t Lecture Me Kelly Hogan took some troubling statistics on student success and turned them into a new college classroom: less talk, more action and deeper learning. Read … More Classroom Heroes

Creators & Performers

Tom Quinn & Parasite Tom Quinn championed director Bong Joon Ho and Parasite to a historic Academy Award for best picture. In this Q&A, the producer-distributor talks about his rise from video store clerk to film executive. Read more … Koko Taylor and the Women of Chicago Blues No woman was blues-ier than Koko. In … More Creators & Performers

Mental Health & Wellness

Shining a spotlight on emotional health. The Dinner Party When Lennon Flowers, a college student, lost her mother to cancer, she felt alone in a particular kind of grief, a young and largely unrelatable loss. She turned her need into a nonprofit community, a nationwide network of dinner parties where participants help each other through … More Mental Health & Wellness


Many of us work to remove the obstacles in our lives. And then there are those who spend their hours trying to make life better for tens-of-thousands. Here are profiles of three of them. Rye Barcott Goes to War He will buy an answer to a problem over an explanation of one anytime. Because that’s … More Problem-solvers