Original & Inspiring

Sam, Dan and Sheila An irreverent tour guide in a temple of democracy. A crystal-ball scientist. A fighter pilot who learned to fly when she was 7 years old. Each with shadows tracing their days. Three profiles of perseverance and purpose. The Guiding Light Witty, wise, selfless and grateful: American democracy’s narrator, Sam Anthony, has … More Original & Inspiring

Mental Health & Wellness

Shining a spotlight on emotional health. The Dinner Party When Lennon Flowers, a college student, lost her mother to cancer, she felt alone in a particular kind of grief, a young and largely unrelatable loss. She turned her need into a nonprofit community, a nationwide network of dinner parties where participants help each other through … More Mental Health & Wellness


Many of us work to remove the obstacles in our lives. And then there are those who spend their hours trying to make life better for tens-of-thousands. Here are profiles of three of them. Rye Barcott Goes to War He will buy an answer to a problem over an explanation of one anytime. Because that’s … More Problem-solvers


From cancer treatment breakthroughs to the battle against COVID, these stories highlight the personal in medicine. How to Build a Cure CAR-T therapy removes T-cells, engineers them to attack cancer and reloads them into the body. It’s highly personalized, often cantankerous — and the most promising cancer treatment to come along in generations. Clearing the … More Life-savers


Collectively, these 11 features have earned 13 awards for writing achievement from CASE, a national organization of peers in higher education. The Guiding Light Grand Gold for Profile Feature Writing, 2020 Platinum Award Honorable Mention for Best Article of the Year, 2020 Awarded for the story of Sam Anthony, tour guide and assistant to the … More Award-winning