Many of us work to remove the obstacles in our lives. And then there are those who spend their hours trying to make life better for tens-of-thousands. Here are profiles of three of them.

Rye Barcott Goes to War

He will buy an answer to a problem over an explanation of one anytime. Because that’s why he came to Kibera — the largest urban slum in Africa — in the first place: to find answers to the absence of hope, the absence of peace, before he goes to war. It’s an odd choice of a summer holiday for a Marine Corps officer-in-training. But it’s one that will change him – and Kibera – for life. Read the profile …

(Photo by Anna Routh Brazin)

How to Mend a Sole

She waited almost half her life for the chance to change the lives of others. Now, each day, Chesca Colloredo-Mansfeld picks up where her mother’s example left off. Her nonprofit, MiracleFeet, has corrected clubfoot in 29 developing countries and changed the lives of more than 50,000 children in the process. Read the profile …

(Photo by Anna Routh Brazin)

The Missionary

Shirley Ort knows what it’s like to grow up without the luxury of dreams. At UNC-Chapel Hill, she became an architect for opportunity, devising and implementing a program that allows students from impoverished families to attend college debt-free. Read the profile …