Mental Health & Wellness

Shining a spotlight on emotional health.

(Illustration by Haley Hodges)

Shades of Gray

Student mental health is a deepening problem. In this 2021 feature, college students share their struggles, explain why finding the right help is a challenge and offer solutions for change. Also discussed is the need for diverse representation in mental health programs.

The Dinner Party

When Lennon Flowers, a college student, lost her mother to cancer, she felt alone in a particular kind of grief, a young and largely unrelatable loss. She turned her need into a nonprofit community, a nationwide network of dinner parties where participants help each other through losses.

Compassion as an Action Verb

From the depths of divorce and the loss of her father, Sara Schairer created a movement for a kinder, more meaningful way to live, work and relate. Her organization, Compassion It, trains individuals and groups in schools, prisons, hospitals, public service and corporate America to not just feel empathy, but to act on it.

(Photo by Greg Foster)

The Rise and Fall and Rise of Nikki Teasley

Time was running out on Nikki Teasley, and more than a game was at stake. With the help of her coach and her school, the basketball star beat the clock, won her life back — and opened some very heavy doors in college athletics.