Classroom Heroes


Chicago’s Greg Michie revisits what teaching means in the 21st century.

(Jean-Marc Giboux/AP Images for Carolina Alumni Review)

Students First

Two award-winning public-school teachers and a college professor re-imagine education’s reach. Read their feature profiles, above and below.

Don’t Lecture Me

Kelly Hogan took some troubling statistics on student success and turned them into a new college classroom: less talk, more action and deeper learning. Read more …

Soul Catcher

Stuart Albright’s journey of self-discovery has launched many, many others in his classroom and on the playing field. Read more …

Educating Michie

On the South Side of Chicago, hope and identity are as difficult to hold onto as innocence. But a teacher and his students aren’t giving up. Read more …

From “Soul Catcher”

He will think about giving up teaching — once, after two years on the job. But then a kid will walk in the door who used to lob “f___ you”s at him every other day, and that kid will be there to thank him for caring about him. And that will be the last time Stuart Alan Albright thinks about quitting.

From “Educating Michie”

“What Greg is a master at, and doesn’t meaningfully grasp how strong he is at it, is that he’s able to let them learn. He’s able to say the center of classroom life is not the podium with the teacher behind it, but is the students working inside.”

William Ayers, University of Illinois at Chicago professor