The Student Body Shop 

What you see, smell and hear here is shop class and home economics refurbished for the digital age. Hundreds of willing participants know this as BeAM, or “be a maker,” UNC’s answer to the worldwide makerspace movement — the collaborative culture of making physical objects using both digital and traditional tools. Now entering its fourth year, BeAM makerspaces are leading the Carolina community and its students through a re-emergence of know-how, in and out of the classroom. … More The Student Body Shop 

The Art of Perseverance

Students are incredulous when Walters proffers this deal. “You’re going to give me more time and a higher grade? What’s the catch?” But that’s how making and inventing works in the real world, he said. Like pumping gas in a Vermont winter, the first decisions you make often are not your best. … More The Art of Perseverance

Ultimate Rising: UNC’s Darkside Overshadows its Rivals

When Mike Denardis started playing ultimate Frisbee at the University of Iowa more than 20 years ago, the game — for the uninitiated, think soccer or football with a flying disc — was still mostly free-spirited and rule-less. Slow-cooked in hippie origins, it was a short, carefree saunter away from that other counter-culture baby, hacky sack. … More Ultimate Rising: UNC’s Darkside Overshadows its Rivals