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A Good Man Was Easy to Find

You really want a guy like Billy Crudup to be a star the way a Tom Cruise or a Brad Pitt is. You want the juiciest piece of Crudup trivia on a fan Web site dedicated to him to be more than just the fact that he once played Schroeder in a Lab! Theatre production of "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown." You want lunchboxes with his face on them. More segments about him on "Entertainment Tonight."

Jordan grants unveiled in Washington

WASHINGTON -- In what may be the smallest gym he's performed in since his high school days in Wilmington, Michael Jordan unveiled one of his retirement plans Friday: a $5 million program that will give teachers of disadvantaged students money for new equipment and new programs.

N.C. freshman senator to represent Democrats in depositions – Edwards youngest of 6 selected as presiding officers

WASHINGTON -- The freshman Democrat from North Carolina on Friday was chosen to represent his party in the House prosecutors' deposition of Monica Lewinsky. Edwards is the youngest of the three Democrats and three Republicans tapped to serve as presiding officers during the testimony of Lewinsky, Clinton confidante Vernon Jordan and White House aide Sidney Blumenthal.

Sworn in: Edwards ends day as senator

WASHINGTON -- Elizabeth Edwards huddled, tired but happy, among family members in a car on the Senate subway, reflecting on the travails of being the mother of a suddenly very well-known 8-month-old girl.

"You go to the grocery store with a baby, it's more complicated," she said. "Your husband gets sworn in as senator and you bring the baby, it's more complicated."