Egg Hunters

Making babies goes high-tech Even now, Debbie Greer can’t help but visit the infertility message boards online. Nowhere is there quite so much hope and love mingled with such heartache and desperation. It flows out from the multitude of acronyms and abbreviations: IVF, ICSI, BFP. It blinks passionately from emoticons that flash smiling icons and … More Egg Hunters

Babies on Board

Published in The New Physician, March 2005 Even Sethina Edwards was amazed when she attended the “Welcome to Medical School” gathering at the University of Bristol in England last fall. One would not expect Edwards, a mother of two and a former freelance publicist, to be surprised by the fact that a whopping 75 percent … More Babies on Board

When to have kids

Published in The New Physician, March 2005 (sidebar to “Babies on Board“) If all goes according to plan, by this time in 2007, Meredith Hancock will have a 1-year-old child and will be nearing the end of her first year of medical school. For this to happen, Hancock must first complete the prerequisites she needs … More When to have kids

Preparing for Residency

Published in The New Physician, March 2005 (sidebar to “Babies on Board“) You could say that Dr. Rivka Stein is infinitely comfortable in her own skin. That’s because the Brooklyn pediatrician arrived for her residency interviews packing more than just an unyielding set of expectations. She was also eight months pregnant with her second child. … More Preparing for Residency

Part-time Practice

Published in The New Physician, March 2005 (sidebar to “Babies on Board“) There was a time when Dr. Erin Harris dreamed of becoming “a full-fledged country doctor, delivering babies, that sort of thing.” But four draining years in medical school, one year of family practice residency and one infant later, that’s all changed. “Now I … More Part-time Practice