First, Do No Harm

For Dr. Tim Ives, who worked in a Utah methadone clinic during his pharmacy residency in the early 1980s, the OxyContin era is the latest in an endless cycle of drug epidemics in the U.S.

“It’s pharmaceutical Whac-A-Mole,” Ives said. “Nothing’s changed. It’s just the products have changed. We’re getting better at measuring [drug abuse]. Now we’ve got to start getting better at treatment — and treatment is not a drug. It’s mental health. People are still out there who have a medical condition, and the condition is substance dependence.” … More First, Do No Harm

Outside Influences

In a unique partnership, Duke cancer and environmental scientists are reaching outside their own spheres to study how environmental factors may give rise to cancer — and what we can do to protect ourselves. published in DukeMed magazine, Fall 2009 She was standing at the kitchen sink, washing dishes, just as she had dozens of … More Outside Influences

They’ve Got Game

The way college sports started is the way it still is for hundreds of students who pay to play. They call their own shots, and there’s nothing casual about the competition. Virginia Ariail is pleased to say she hasn’t broken any bones yet in her own body, but last fall, at a match with Appalachian … More They’ve Got Game

Go Figure!

Carolina crunches the numbers and starts over again – at 101 published in Carolina Alumni Review, November/December 2006 Where does an old course number go to retire? If I visit Boca Raton in the coming months, will I find Econ 10 sipping a pina colada on a chaise lounge at the timeshare he bought with … More Go Figure!

Great Expectations

Here’s the school you wish your kids attended. Start with students who’ve had few chances, set high goals and watch the narrowing of the achievement gap – what Dacia Toll ’94 calls ‘the civil rights issue of our generation.’ On the last day of school before spring break, Kelly Clement sat on a stool in … More Great Expectations

Saving the Smallest

What medicine can do now for babies born too soon. Of the hundred odd nights they spent in Duke Hospital’s intensive care nursery, the one Jim and Tara Glandorf learned that their son was showing signs of kidney failure may have been the worst. Aiden had weighed just two pounds when he was born at … More Saving the Smallest