Outside Influences

In a unique partnership, Duke cancer and environmental scientists are reaching outside their own spheres to study how environmental factors may give rise to cancer — and what we can do to protect ourselves. published in DukeMed magazine, Fall 2009 She was standing at the kitchen sink, washing dishes, just as she had dozens of … More Outside Influences

Saving the Smallest

What medicine can do now for babies born too soon. Of the hundred odd nights they spent in Duke Hospital’s intensive care nursery, the one Jim and Tara Glandorf learned that their son was showing signs of kidney failure may have been the worst. Aiden had weighed just two pounds when he was born at … More Saving the Smallest

Cycles of Light

Published in DukeMed, Spring/Summer 2006 (Sidebar to “Saving the Smallest“) Most ICNs are kept in near-darkness to simulate the womb, but neonatal clinical nurse specialist Debra Brandon may have found a better alternative. In an NIH-funded study, she provided premature infants with periods of light (mimicking daytime), filtered through a netting similar to car sunshades, … More Cycles of Light

The earliest medicine: Combating congenital defects

Published in DukeMed, Summer 2006 (Sidebar to “Saving the Smallest“) Physicians are getting better and better at treating infants who, whether premature or full-term, enter the world with medical problems. But Duke researchers like Erik Meyers, MD, and Margaret Kirby, PhD, are chasing the Holy Grail of early-life medicine: preventing the problem before the sperm … More The earliest medicine: Combating congenital defects

Egg Hunters

Making babies goes high-tech Even now, Debbie Greer can’t help but visit the infertility message boards online. Nowhere is there quite so much hope and love mingled with such heartache and desperation. It flows out from the multitude of acronyms and abbreviations: IVF, ICSI, BFP. It blinks passionately from emoticons that flash smiling icons and … More Egg Hunters

Mixing Faith and Science

Published in DukeMed, December 2005 (Sidebar to “Egg Hunters“) Rarely do you see a physician wear his religion on his sleeve. But David Walmer, MD, PhD, wears his quite literally around his neck, in the form of a green, gold, and maroon tie patterned with crosses, fish, and the word “faith.” As chief of the … More Mixing Faith and Science