Weaponized Cells: A Sobering Message About the Virus

Lung researcher Dr. Camille Ehre felt like she was flying a drone over a dense forest, looking for poisonous apples on the ground or in the swaying trees. For more than a month, she piloted her powerful microscope over an area 12 millimeters in diameter populated by cells from the lungs’ airways. Zooming in and out, she hunted between and below their hairlike protrusions for the infectious, spiky orbs of COVID-19. … More Weaponized Cells: A Sobering Message About the Virus

Salt Wars

Is the new mouse the ticket for CF research? At times, reaching a breakthrough in cystic fibrosis research can feel a lot like winning the lottery – only to wake up the next morning and hear about the guy in Peoria who claims he has the right combination of numbers. So you go back and … More Salt Wars

A Teaspoon of Prevention

When Charlie Tolchin visited his old lungs in the laboratory at UNC’s Cystic Fibrosis Research Center, he was glad to know they were no longer inside him. “Like sponges dipped in honey” is how Tolchin described the organs in his book about his transplant experience, Blow the House Down. That description is not far from … More A Teaspoon of Prevention