About Time

Once unsure of where her life was headed, UNC professor and New York Times columnist Tressie McMillan Cottom is in demand, in control — and done with regrets. … More About Time

The Missionary

“Isn’t this a great view?” Shirley Ort asks in her elegant, lilting voice of the scene outside her Pettigrew Hall window. Ort’s office is modest, but the world beyond it is indeed spectacular, an October burst of yellow and orange across the expanse of McCorkle Place, with ruddy brick walkways crisscrossing the fading summer grass, all paths paved with opportunity. This view was unthinkable to Ort at 17, a world of higher consciousness closed to a girl from an impoverished rural family. … More The Missionary

Cap in the Air

Nothing is as simple as a percentage when it comes to deciding the personality of a campus Frenchie was a showgirl. She danced on a drum in Memorial Hall and wore the closest thing to a bikini that Jerry Marder ’44 had ever seen. Little grass skirts lilting about beyond his imagination, right here in … More Cap in the Air

Governer on Guard

Gaston Caperton overcame dyslexia to become a millionaire and rise to West Virginia’s highest office. Now he leads the venerable College Board into a new century – and, he hopes, a new relevancy – on the Web. … More Governer on Guard